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Port of Tilbury

Verigreen’s zero landfill solution unleashes soaring savings and streamlined environmental compliance

A customer had 200 tonnes of damaged grain in a Port due to a fire. The grain was wet and unsellable, destined for landfill. Verigreen was able to dry and collect the grain on a bulker trailer, without subcontracting any of the work. Both the customer and insurance company were satisfied with the services provided, and overall costs were reduced for both as the grain was sold as animal feed. Verigreen provided a full end-to-end solution for their food waste; from the initial free audit, to handling all aspects of the collection, and disposal of the food waste, via exclusive access to the only commercial anaerobic digestion plant in Kent. Verigreen’s complete closed loop process converted the food waste into renewable energy and nutrient rich bio fertiliser, providing gas and electricity for homes and businesses within Kent.

The Problem

The customer had a large quantity of damaged grain that was unsaleable and destined for landfill. This was a costly and environmentally damaging solution.

The Solution

Anaerobic Digestion (AD) is a process in which food materials are broken down by microorganisms and converted into nutrient rich bio fertiliser and renewable energy.
Verigreen disposed of the food waste via secure destruction at their AD plant providing a ZERO landfill solution.
Verigreen provided a comprehensive solution to dry, collect, and dispose of the damaged grain. The company’s experienced team and fleet of vehicles allowed it to complete the work quickly and efficiently, without subcontracting any of the work.

The damaged grain was successfully dried and collected, without any contamination or damage. The grain was then sold as animal feed, reducing the overall costs. Both the customer and insurance company were extremely satisfied with the services provided.

Verigreen’s comprehensive approach ensured cost savings, compliance, and transparency throughout the process, leading to a successful resolution of the issue.

66% cost saving on general waste disposal: This is a significant reduction in operating costs, as Verigreen supplied all vehicles and transportation through its sister company FGS Agri.

Reduced reliance on landfill helping to reduce environmental impact.

Increased recycling rates and sustainability credentials.

Local Business: reducing food/waste miles: Reduced distance that the waste must travel and helps to support the local economy.
Risk mitigation and environmental compliance.