Part of the Heathcote Holdings group

Food waste collection and recycling.

An efficient, cost effective and energy enhancing food waste collection service.

Some of the Sectors we work within…

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Rapid Collection

Anaerobic Digestion

Resource & Waste Audit

Food waste collection specialists in Kent & South East

Quick & clean removal of your produce, fruit & food waste


less CO²

Is the carbon saving from vehicles using biodiesel converted from used cooking oil.

sq miles

If we processed all the UK’s food waste, the CO² saving would equate to a forest the size of Scotland.

loaves a day

Every loaf in the UK generates around 500g of CO². We could halve that by using fertiliser from food waste.

Carbon Reduction

Biofertiliser Production

Compliance & Traceability

Businesses require a professional approach to food waste management and recycling.

We work with businesses of varying sizes and within all sectors across the UK, to help you decide which waste management services, collections and recycling services best fit your needs. From general waste collections, to hazardous waste management, to dry mixed recycling, and much more. No matter what you need from your waste carrier, we are here to help.

Bin Full of Waste Food

“It’s all part of our promise to help in ‘re-fuelling the next generation.”

Provide cost effective solution for your food waste collection, offering lower waste disposal costs compared to landfill.

Rapid and efficient food waste collection.

Promote the best environmental and sustainability standards for your business.

Build your relationship and story with suppliers and consumers through our complete closed loop waste process to improve your recycling credentials.

Completely avoid any of your waste produce going to landfill.

Reduce CO²-disposing of your food and fruit waste with VeriGreen aids CO² reduction and reduces your company’s carbon footprint.

Reduce the risk of contamination, decay, flies and insects through our sealed container collection via our own fleet of vehicles.

We are part of the Heathcote Holdings Group of Companies

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