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Nationwide Food Waste Management

Quick & clean removal of your produce, fruit & food waste


less CO²

Is the carbon saving from vehicles using biodiesel converted from used cooking oil.

sq miles

If we processed all the UK’s food waste, the CO² saving would equate to a forest the size of Scotland.

loaves a day

Every loaf in the UK generates around 500g of CO². We could halve that by using fertiliser from food waste.

What do we recycle?

Expired food and drink items

Food and drink manufacturing and processing waste

Industrial food and beverage by-products

Unsold packaged food waste

Surplus Ingredient Waste

Solid and liquid waste from agriculture

Food preparation waste and left-over food (Restaurant Waste Management)

Our sectors

Commercial Food and Beverage

Agriculture and Farming, Food Manufacturing and Production


Distribution and Transportation, Wholesale and Warehousing

Public Sector

Local Councils, Hospitals, Schools, and Universities 

Retail and Hospitality

Supermarkets, Grocery Stores, Hotels, Restaurants and Events

Why choose us?

Cost-effective, rapid, and responsible food waste collection

Our solutions offer lower waste disposal costs compared to landfill.

Rapid Collection

Reduce the risk of contamination through our rapid collection services via our own fleet of vehicles

Promote the best environmental and sustainability standards

Avoid landfill and improve your recycling credentials through our complete closed-loop food waste management process.

Reduce CO2

Reduce your company’s carbon footprint and responsibly dispose of all types of food waste across the UK.

Nationwide Food Waste Collection

Repurpose for animal feed

Anaerobic Digestion

Resource and Waste Audit

Nutrient-Rich Biofertiliser Production

Compliance and Reporting

Businesses require a professional approach to food waste management and recycling.

We work with businesses of varying sizes and within all sectors across the UK, to help you decide which waste management services, collections and recycling services best fit your needs. Our Anaerobic Digestion (AD) process is environmentally friendly, simple, cost-effective and is the only commercial plant serving Kent.

Bin Full of Waste Food

“It’s all part of our promise to help in ‘re-fuelling the next generation.”

Discover sustainable food waste solutions for the responsible disposal of unsold packaged food, food and beverage by-products, surplus ingredients, bulk liquid waste, and expired food and drink items.

Our tailored recycling and food waste collection solutions can provide a one-stop-shop for all your food waste needs. Once collected from your site, we will take care of the rest.

Our waste transfer and AD processes help to reduce your carbon footprint whilst guaranteeing 100% availability across the whole of the UK.

Our dedicated team will work in partnership with you to help maximise recycling rates whilst also providing you data and reports to allow you to focus on the communities you serve.

Build your relationship and story with suppliers and consumers through our complete closed loop waste process to improve your recycling credentials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you collect and recycle commercial food waste?

Yes! Part of the Heathcote Holdings group, we collect commercial food waste in partnership with our sister company Countrystyle Recycling. Our Nationwide services provide cost-effective solutions for surplus food and drink waste. We have exclusive access to the only commercial Anaerobic Digestion plant in Kent; to find out more how we can save your business money by recycling food waste, call our team today on 03316 300 727 or contact us today to get started.

Are there any benefits of recycling food waste?

Yes, recycling commercial food waste via anaerobic digestion diverts food waste from landfill, avoiding toxic greenhouse gases from emitting into the environment and producing green energy and nutrient rich bio-fertiliser. Verigreen provides a cost-effective solution that saves you money and contributes to the circular economy. For more information, call our team today on 03316 300 727 or contact us today to get started.

What types of businesses have food waste?

Verigreen provide all types of businesses with food waste solutions, to learn more about the sectors we work in, click here.

How can I get a food waste quote for my business?

By recycling your food waste separately, you can save up to 30% on your waste disposal costs. Contact Verigreen today for all your business’s food waste disposal or collection needs. We provide a free no-obligation food waste quote, call our team today on 03316 300 727 or contact us here.

Do you service my area?

Verigreen offers a nationwide food waste disposal service, call us on 03316 300 727  or fill out our contact form for a quote or to book in a collection.

What size wheelie bin do I need?

A 240-litre bin is the size bin we can provide for food waste disposal. For more information, call our team today on 03316 300 727 or fill out an enquiry form here.

What happens at an anaerobic digestion plant?

At an anaerobic digestion (AD) plant, food waste is separated from its packaging. Microorganisms break down the food waste in the absence of oxygen to produce green energy, which is used to create electricity or is injected into the gas grid network. For more information about our services and anerobic digestion process, call our team today on 03316 300 727 or click here to learn more.

Are you aware of the new food waste legislation?

The Environmental Act came into effect in 2023, changing how companies dispose of their food waste. Your food waste needs to be segregated, with separate bins and collections. Verigreen can ensure that your business is compliant with these new regulations with our array of food waste collection and disposal services. Contact us today to get ahead of the legislation.