Food waste collection and recycling.

An efficient, cost effective and energy enhancing food waste collection service.

Nationwide food waste collection - quick & clean removal of your produce, fruit & food waste to:

  • Provide a cost effective solution for your food waste collection, offering lower waste disposal costs compared to landfill.
  • Rapid and efficient food waste collection.
  • Promote the best environmental and sustainability standards for your business.
  • Build your relationship and story with suppliers and consumers through our complete closed loop waste process to improve your recycling credentials.
  • Completely avoid any of your waste produce going to landfill.
  • Reduce CO² – disposing of your food and fruit waste with VeriGreen aids CO² reduction and reduces your company’s carbon footprint.
  • Reduce the risk of contamination, decay, flies and insects through our sealed container collection via our own fleet of vehicles.

How do we Recycle Food Waste?

  • Once collected, food waste is transported to our AD plants
  • Where necessary, waste is processed to separate food from packaging
  • AD plants generate “green energy” from food waste to power local homes & businesses
  • The AD waste (digestate) is supplied to farms as a biofertiliser and applied to land to aid the growth of more food

Nationwide food waste collection

Operating across the UK, we offer our food waste collection service to a wide variety of sectors including growers, packing plants, food production plants, hospitality, logistics companies, local authorities, waste collectors and ports.

Our efficient, closed-loop process minimises road miles and maximises environmental and eco benefits locally.

Rapid collection

A totally tailor-made solution ensuring timely collection from your business premise.

Where it goes

Anaerobic Digestion

Recycling of food waste to AD Plants to create green energy and nutrient rich biofertiliser

Where it goes

Animal Feed (Raw/Mixed)

Recycling of food waste either direct to farms or processed through animal feed blenders.

Carbon reduction

Carbon reduction

Disposing of your food and fruit waste with VeriGreen and through the AD route aids CO² reduction.


Biofertiliser Production

Waste bi-product is repurposed into a Biofertiliser allowing the organic matter and nutrients to be introduced back into the land.


Compliance & Traceability

We provide a complete audit trail to enable full traceability of all waste material.

We provide you with a cost effective, environmentally friendly solution for your food waste.

We deliver all waste in a timely manner to a local power plant, where green energy is produced and waste bi-product is repurposed into a biofertiliser allowing the organic matter and nutrients to be introduced back into the land to improve the quality of soil, benefit new crops, reduce CO² and further improve your carbon footprint.

Our entire process is clean, connected; minimising road miles and maximising environmental and eco benefits locally.

We work with our partners at Countrystyle Recycling, FGS Agri and FGS Organics to provide you with the complete cycle.

By forming a long-term relationship with us we will be able to further aid your environment and sustainability efforts by reporting back to you exactly the whole benefit your waste has been to the environment in terms of green energy created and CO² reductions.

It’s all part of our promise to help in ‘re-fuelling the next generation’.

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