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Dispose of all types of food waste in a safe and risk free-way.

As a leading provider of food waste solutions in the UK, Verigreen is dedicated to offering a suite of tailor-made services designed to address your business’s unique needs.

Discover how our efficient and responsible food waste collection and cost-effective haulage solutions set us apart, ensuring a safe and contamination risk-free disposal process for all your food and liquid waste.

Our comprehensive food waste management approach ensures that your food and liquid waste is disposed of safely and in a contamination risk-free manner. Whether you require scheduled collections or ADHOC services, our solutions are crafted to meet your specific needs, providing flexibility and efficiency in waste management.

Verigreen’s commitment to cost-effectiveness extends to our haulage solutions. We understand the importance of optimising transportation costs in commercial food waste management. Our specialised fleet ensures timely and economical transportation, minimising the financial burden on your business while maintaining environmental responsibility.

Ready to streamline your food waste collection and transportation?

Contact Verigreen today to explore our services, request a quote, or discuss how our tailor-made solutions can enhance the efficiency of your waste management practices. Let Verigreen be your trusted partner in achieving responsible, cost-effective, and streamlined food waste collection for your business.

What we do

Work with Verigreen

Verigreen excels in efficient food waste collection, leveraging a fleet of vehicles strategically deployed to minimise road miles. By utilising the resources of Countrystyle Recycling and FGS Organics, part of the Heathcote Holdings group, we ensure a seamless and eco-friendly collection process. Our commitment to efficiency extends to various collection options tailored to your business requirements:

240-litre bin collections: Ideal for businesses with moderate food waste volumes.

Palletised collections: Streamlined and efficient for businesses with larger quantities of waste.

IBC or dolav collections: Suitable for businesses dealing with bulk liquid or solid food waste.

Skip and RoRo collections: Tailored solutions for businesses with varying waste volumes.

28t bulker collections: Ideal for large-scale operations with substantial waste output.

Liquid tanker collection: Specifically designed for businesses generating liquid food waste.