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We are passionate about educating and embracing the future generation ensuring that at an early age children and young adults know the benefits of recycling.

We value younger generations and ensure early age children and young adults know the innovations and processes that combat climate change, embedding knowledge to create a sustainable future.

We are developing a dedicated school’s program to embed this learning and bring young people out into the community to see the complete closed loop cycle and show how such methods produce future renewable energy and nutrient-rich biofertiliser, that replaces the need for inorganic inputs on our fields and crops.

We’re also very keen to engage with young people at an early stage so they understand the breadth of careers and opportunities that exist in the agricultural, renewables and recycling worlds.


Find out how our process works

From collection to biofertiliser and green energy production, our closed loop solution is part of our promise to help in ‘re-fuelling’ the next generation.