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Agriculture & Farming, Food Manufacturing & Food Production.

The food and beverage industries are under pressure to deliver more competitive pricing. Partner with Verigreen for cost-effective food waste solutions that benefit your business, the local environment, and long-term sustainability.

In the demanding landscape of food and drink manufacturing, delivering quality, competitively priced, and attractive products to consumers is just the beginning.

The food industry is now faced with the imperative to develop, produce, and sustainably manage organic waste. Verigreen understands the challenges these businesses face and are your one-stop solution from efficient haulage and disposal of food and liquid waste.

Our commitment to efficiency extends to various collection options tailored to your business requirements:

240-litre bin collections: Ideal for businesses with moderate food waste volumes.

Palletised collections: Streamlined and efficient for businesses with larger quantities of waste.

IBC or dolav collections: Suitable for businesses dealing with bulk liquid or solid food waste.

Skip and RoRo collections: Tailored solutions for businesses with varying waste volumes.

28t bulker collections: Ideal for large-scale operations with substantial waste output.

Liquid tanker collection: Specifically designed for businesses generating liquid food waste.

Verigreen goes beyond food waste collection services offering anaerobic digestion disposal services across the UK. Our Nationwide eco-friendly disposal methods contribute to a circular economy, minimising the environmental impact of food and beverage waste. Learn more about our anaerobic digestion process for food waste here.

What we do

Verigreen specialises in recycling all types of food waste, including but not limited to:

Packaged and palletised food waste
Expired, unsellable food from shops and supermarkets

Food and drink manufacturing and processing waste (e.g. bakeries, breweries, dairies, fruits)

Industrial food by-products
Food preparation waste and left-over food (Restaurant Waste Management)
Solid and liquid waste from agriculture and farming

Verigreen excels in efficient food waste collection utilising the resources of Countrystyle Recycling and FGS Organics, part of the Heathcote Holdings group.

Work with Verigreen

Reduce Costs, Increase Profitability

Food and drink manufacturers are constantly seeking ways to improve efficiency. Verigreen is your partner in reducing food waste costs, enhancing the profitability of your food waste management processes, and ensuring compliance with stringent environmental legislation.

Sustainability at its Core

Verigreen aligns with the growing need for sustainable practices. We help your business not only meet but exceed environmental standards by implementing responsible waste reduction and recycling strategies.

Unlocking Value in Processes

Our expertise lies in unlocking the hidden value within your processes. By leveraging innovative technology and solutions, we deliver substantial cost and carbon savings of up to 30% at each food and beverage facility we collaborate with.

Our tailored solutions ensure that your business not only meets its waste reduction goals but also maximises the value within your processes.

Verigreen is your dedicated partner in navigating the complex landscape of sustainable food and drink manufacturing.

Choose Verigreen and join us in creating a future where efficiency, profitability, and environmental responsibility go hand in hand. Contact us today to explore how Verigreen can transform your approach to food waste management.