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Ensuring full compliance for all aspects of the Duty of Care is paramount to ensure confidence to all aspects of the supply chain.

Verigreen provides comprehensive compliance and reporting solutions, offering a digital, efficient, and environmentally responsible approach for all of your food and beverage waste.


At Verigreen, we embrace a ‘Cradle to Grave’ approach, providing our customers with a complete audit trail for full traceability of materials. Our commitment to reducing paperwork is evident in our electronic collection tickets, offering a streamlined and eco-friendly alternative to traditional documentation.

Verigreen takes pride in our efficient online reporting system, designed to manage the end-to-end food waste management process digitally. This innovative system provides real-time insights, empowering businesses with the information they need to make informed decisions.

What we do

Key Features

Complete Audit Trail

Verigreen ensures a comprehensive audit trail, allowing for the meticulous tracking of materials from the beginning to the end of the food waste management process. This digital approach enhances accuracy and transparency.

Electronic Collection Tickets

Say goodbye to paperwork! Our electronic collection tickets offer a convenient and environmentally friendly solution, reducing reliance on traditional documentation methods.

Photographic and Certified Evidence of Destruction

For added assurance, Verigreen provides photographic evidence of destruction upon request. This visual documentation enhances transparency and accountability in the waste disposal process.

Regulatory Audits

All our sites undergo thorough audits by our competent and experienced team, ensuring strict adherence to feed hygiene regulations and environmental legislation. Your compliance is our priority.

Work With Verigreen

Technological Innovation

Verigreen leverages advanced technology to revolutionise food waste compliance, ensuring that your business stays ahead of regulatory requirements.

Environmental Responsibility

Our digital approach aligns with environmental responsibility, reducing the ecological footprint associated with traditional paperwork.

Transparency and Accountability

Verigreen prioritises transparency and accountability, offering businesses peace of mind and confidence in their waste management practices.