Part of the Heathcote Holdings group


Specialist processor of surplus and waste food, collecting surplus and waste food across the UK

We provide a cost effective solution to surplus and waste food, maximising the potential of our clients’ waste and helping to minimise their environmental impact.

With our ‘can do attitude’ we are able to deliver food waste solutions to our many customers across a wide range of sectors.

Surplus and waste food collection

We collect surplus and waste food from our customers and put that food to good use. Surplus food high in sugar, carbohydrates and high quality fats is repurposed for use as animal feed, the rest is taken to a local Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant where microorganisms break down the food waste, generating energy and biofertiliser which is used by farmers to add nutrients back to the soil and grow more food.

Working with variety of sectors

From growers, packing plants, food production plants and hospitality, to logistics companies, local authorities, waste collectors and ports, we offer our food waste collection service to a wide variety of sectors.

Full compliance & reporting

We ensure full compliance and reporting to enable full traceability of materials and can undertake free waste audits to help businesses manage their everyday and one off waste requirements.


Working with sister company FGS Organics we are able to supply farmers with a sustainable biofertiliser, helping them to minimise the reliance of manufactured fertiliser, reduce carbon footprint and maximise yields.