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Food waste used to generate green energy & nutrient-rich biofertiliser.

Anaerobic Digestion (AD) is a process in which food materials are broken down by microorganisms and converted into nutrient-rich biofertiliser and renewable energy.

Verigreen collect food waste from the customers’ premises using a large, specialised fleet of vehicles. The food waste is transported to a local AD facility where it generates green energy and a quality, nutrient-rich biofertiliser.

Verigreen, part of the Heathcote Holdings group, are a leading provider of food waste management solutions. Verigreen offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Discover how our efficient and responsible waste collection, advanced anaerobic digestion disposal, and digestate utilisation can elevate your sustainability efforts and contribute to a circular economy.


Find out how our process works

From collection to biofertiliser and energy, our closed loop solution is part of our promise to help in ‘re-fuelling’ the next generation.

Contact us today to explore how our services can optimise your waste management strategies, reduce environmental impact, and contribute to a cleaner, more responsible future for your business. Together, let’s transform waste into opportunity and shape a more sustainable tomorrow.

Our Process

Free Waste Audit

Book your free waste audit today to find out just how Verigreen can help your business in saving costs, improve your environmental credentials and refuelling the next generation.

Cost-Effective Haulage Solutions

Verigreen understands the importance of cost-effective food waste management. Our specialised haulage solutions ensure the timely and efficient transportation of food waste to our AD facilities. This not only optimises your waste management costs but also contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious approach.

Food Waste Collection

Verigreen operates a large, specialised fleet of vehicles dedicated to collecting food waste directly from our customers’ premises. We work with our sister company, Countrystyle Recycling to provide bespoke nationwide food waste collection services that are designed to meet the unique needs of your business, ensuring a seamless and efficient process from start to finish.

Advanced Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Disposal

Once collected, your organic waste is transported to a local AD facility, or, via exclusive access to the only commercial scale AD plant in Kent in partnership with Blaise Biogas Ltd. At the AD plant, microorganisms break down the food waste material, generating ‘green’ gas used to produce electricity or injected into the gas grid network. This process not only produces green energy but also significantly reduces the UK’s reliance on imported gas and power.

Digestate as Nutrient-Rich Biofertiliser

At the heart of our sustainability approach is the generation of a high-quality biofertiliser, known as digestate. This nutrient-rich by-product of the AD process is a valuable resource for farmers. By using digestate as a biofertiliser, farmers can enhance soil fertility, reduce the need for high carbon footprint manufactured fertilisers, and contribute to the circular economy.

Monthly Data Reports

Verigreen ensure full transparency with all our customers throughout all our processes. We are happy to provide you with monthly data reports and a certificate of destruction after disposal of your organic waste.

Work With Verigreen

Circular Economy Contribution

Verigreen’s AD process helps progress towards a circular economy by offering a unique closed-loop process, providing energy and biofertiliser from food waste, reducing reliance on traditional waste disposal methods.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Our commitment to green energy production and digestate utilisation significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with traditional waste disposal and the use of manufactured fertilisers.

Customised Food Waste Collection

All food waste collections are bespoke to your business needs, ensuring a tailored approach that maximises efficiency and minimises disruption.

Local AD Facilities

In partnership with Blaise Biogas Ltd, Verigreen has exclusive access to the only commercial scale Kent-based AD facility. We work with you to strategically locate and provide convenient and environmentally responsible food waste disposal solutions for businesses across the UK.

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