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Our quality sustainable biofertiliser, a direct replacement for inorganic chemical fertilisers.

At the heart of Verigreen’s commitment to sustainability lies our anaerobic digestion process. Anaerobic digestion allows us to convert commercial food and liquid waste into green energy and nutrient-rich biofertiliser, known as digestate. This biofertiliser serves as a valuable resource for farmers and growers, offering an organic alternative to manufactured fertilisers.

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Focusing on organic waste disposal via anaerobic digestion and the creation of nutrient-rich biofertiliser, known as “digestate” provides a sustainable solution for businesses needing to dispose of all types of food and drink waste.

Explore how Verigreen stands at the forefront of eco-friendly food waste solutions, providing farmers and growers with organic, renewable fertilisers while minimising the environmental footprint of food production.

Working with sister company FGS Organics, we are able to supply farmers with this sustainable biofertiliser, helping them to minimise the reliance of manufactured fertiliser, reduce carbon footprint and maximise yields. FGS Organics complete all aspects of the supply and application of biofertiliser, from compliance through to delivery, storage and application using a range of modern, hi-tech application methods. They have self-propelled or trailed trailing shoe applicators, umbilical trailing hose or trailed shallow disc injectors all operated by trained competent operators.

Verigreen is committed to working with your entire supply chain to promote the complete cycle of resource reuse. By providing sustainable bio-fertilisers, we boost the environmental aspects of your agricultural operations, aligning with the growing focus on reducing food miles and enhancing sustainable agricultural practices for future generations.

Get in touch today to embrace sustainable agriculture practices and maximise the benefits of digestate application for your farm or growing operation. 

Key Advantages

Organic and Renewable Fertiliser

Digestate provides farmers with a sustainable and renewable source of organic nutrient-rich fertiliser, reducing reliance on manufactured alternatives.

Minimised Carbon Footprint

By choosing digestate over traditional fertilisers, farmers contribute to the reduction of carbon footprint associated with agricultural practices.

Maximised Yields

The nutrient-rich composition of digestate enhances soil fertility, promoting optimal conditions for crop growth and maximising yields.

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