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Unlock the value in your surplus spent grains with Verigreen

We specialise in repurposing spent grains generated during the beer-making process, transforming them into valuable resources for both animal feed and clean energy production.

Verigreen purchase damaged, out-of-spec, distressed grains, including those that are contaminated, burnt, or wet. Partner with Verigreen to turn your damaged grains into a source of income for your business.

Spent grains are the remnants left behind after grains undergo the beer production process, soaking in water, sugar, and flavours.

Verigreen recognises the inherent worth of this by-product, rich in nutritional content, and offers businesses comprehensive solutions for responsible waste management.

Work With Verigreen

Verigreen is your grains specialist, addressing grain waste management needs with precision. We buy distressed, damaged grains from businesses, ensuring a sustainable approach to handling surplus spent grains.

Animal Feed Solutions

Working closely with breweries, Verigreen provides a sustainable outlet for surplus spent grains. Following the beer-making process, where grains extract sugars, water, and flavours to produce beer, a significant number of grains are left unused. Leveraging the high nutritional content, Verigreen transforms spent grains into quality animal feed supplied to farmers.

Anaerobic Digestion for Spent Grains

Beyond animal feed, Verigreen utilises a local anaerobic digestion plant to process spent grains. This innovative approach converts the grains into biogas, supplying clean, green energy for homes and businesses. The anaerobic digestion process also yields an organic, nutrient-rich biofertiliser, promoting crop growth and reducing dependence on artificial fertilisers.

Cost-Effective Farming Support

Verigreen is committed to supporting the farming industry by offering cost-effective services. From supplying animal feed to providing solutions for damaged and distressed grain loads, we contribute to a sustainable and circular economy.