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Verigreen’s zero landfill solution, cutting costs, ensuring compliance, and elevating Corporate Environmental Responsibility.

A market leader in the transportation of chilled goods and storage of chilled food and frozen food products needed a comprehensive food waste solution. Verigreen provided a full end-to-end solution for their food waste; from the initial free audit, to handling all aspects of the collection, and disposal of the food waste, via exclusive access to the only commercial anaerobic digestion plant in Kent. Verigreen’s complete closed loop process converted the food waste into renewable energy and nutrient rich bio fertiliser, providing gas and electricity for homes and businesses within Kent.

The Problem

Verigreen’s client sought a cost-effective, sustainable waste management solution when they encountered a critical temperature control issue in their storage facility, posing significant risks to product quality and customer satisfaction. Verigreen’s comprehensive waste management solutions mitigated the issue and ensured product quality and customer satisfaction.

The Solution

Anaerobic Digestion (AD) is a process in which food materials are broken down by microorganisms and converted into nutrient rich bio fertiliser and renewable energy.
Verigreen disposed of the food waste via secure destruction at their AD plant providing a ZERO landfill solution in just 3 days.
Verigreen’s cost-effective food waste solutions adapt to each client’s individual needs, providing bespoke collections that avoid landfill, enhance recycling credentials, and reduce contamination through sealed container collection via their fleet of vehicles. All waste was transported using Verigreen’s sister company, Countrystyle Recycling.

Verigreen’s comprehensive approach ensured cost savings, compliance, and transparency throughout the process, leading to a successful resolution of the issue.

~80% Cost Saving: £130 per tonne reduced to £20 vs general waste disposal.

Waste Reduction contributing to the company’s sustainable achievements.

Recycling Rates – Achieved ZERO landfill à Waste was repurposed into renewable energy and nutrient rich bio fertiliser, producing gas and electricity for homes and businesses within Kent.

Compliance: Verigreen ensured that all processes were compliant with The Environment Act correctly disposing of all waste and packaging.

Risk Mitigation: Our client was able to mitigate the risks to product quality and customer satisfaction, by swiftly identifying and disposing of the affected goods.