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About Us

We provide a food waste collection service across the UK to ensure quick and clean removal of your food and fruit waste.

Efficient and reliable Nationwide food and liquid waste collection

Cost-effective solutions that save your business costs

Build your relationship and story with suppliers and consumers! Promote the best environmental and sustainability standards for your business

Reduce toxic emissions and avoid landfill through our anaerobic digestion process

Actively contribute to environmental well-being through CO² reduction

Reduce the risk of contamination, decay, flies and insects through our sealed container collection via our own fleet of vehicles

We are part of the Heathcote Holdings Group of Companies

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Explore our comprehensive services that not only meet, but exceed industry standards, delivering tailored solutions for a diverse range of businesses.

At the heart of Verigreen is a vision led by Martin Heathcote, a passionate individual dedicated to delivering renewable solutions through his family business. With a ‘can do’ attitude, Verigreen approach every aspect of our business with enthusiasm, providing environmentally friendly solutions for surplus and waste food.

Verigreen delivers end-to-end food waste solutions using our unique closed-loop system. From repurposing surplus food for animal feed to producing green energy and nutrient-rich sustainable biofertiliser, we offer a comprehensive approach to waste management. The waste by-product from Anaerobic Digestion plants is repurposed into a biofertiliser. This organic solution introduces essential nutrients back into the land, enhancing soil quality for new crops.

Our clean and connected process, minimising road miles, maximising environmental benefits.

At VeriGreen, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond waste management. Our entire process is designed to be clean, connected, and environmentally conscious, ensuring minimal road miles and maximum benefits.

At VeriGreen, we collaborate with our trusted partners including Countrystyle Recycling, FGS Agri, and FGS Organics. Our collaboration ensures a complete cycle in food waste management, from collection to disposal and repurposing, creating a holistic and sustainable solution.



Building a long-term relationship with Verigreen comes with added advantages. We not only manage your waste efficiently but also report back to you on the overall environmental benefits achieved, including green energy creation and CO² reductions.