Martin Heathcote

Martin Heathcote is the figurehead of VeriGreen and holds a passionate ability to realise and deliver complete renewable solutions. With great passion for the family business, Martin is dedicated to providing VeriGreen clients with an environmentally friendly solution to their surplus waste.

Dan VeriGreen mercury

Dan Windibank

Dan has worked nationally for the largest waste equipment supplier in the UK and provided waste management solutions to customers in every industry sector including Airports, Distribution Centres, Shopping Centres, Waste Companies, Fruit Growers and Packers, Supermarkets and leading UK Manufacturers.

Dan joined VeriGreen in 2019 and is now seeking feedstock for AD plants around the south east from all sectors to reduce company’s waste costs, improve environmental and operational efficiency.

Steve W

Steve Wilson

Steve has 15 years’ experience in Resource and Waste Management and has a highly successful track record in using a consultative approach to assist customers find a complete Resource and Waste management solution for their organisation based on a circular economy principle, delivering both carbon reduction and cost savings.

Working extensively with Food manufacturers, Steve has an in depth understanding of the challenges that they face and the levels of compliance, hygiene and operational efficiency that are required.

Steve would be delighted to discuss potential savings and benefits with you and with our growing network of treatment facilities and strategic support partners based nationally, can offer the right solution no matter where in the UK you are located.