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VeriGreen Advertorial

A recent advertorial about VeriGreen which featured in the Fresh Produce Journal. Click here to view the article.

VeriGreen A4 flyer

A summary detailing the services provided by VeriGreen. Click here to view the flyer.

VeriGreen Company Video

This video provides information about the service we offer and shows how our closed loop solution means we can service every stage of this process from collection of food & produce waste and transportation to AD plants, to generating green energy to power local homes, supplying AD waste to farms for use as a bio fertiliser, and spreading bio fertiliser back onto the land, enhancing the growth of more food. Click here to view the video.

VeriGreen is part of the Heathcote Holdings group of companies. Click here to view our brochure about Heathcote Holdings and the companies within the group.


How can we aid you with the removal of your food and fruit waste produce?