VeriGreen has recently recycled some packaged flour to animal feed. Being high in carbohydrates, flour has a high nutritional value when blended with other products to produce animal feed. Rather than being treated as a waste it becomes a valued resource. We arranged for the out-of-date flour to be collected from a distribution centre and…

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Port & Brexit Delays

UK Exports

As UK export volumes increase, COVID testing and post-Brexit red tape are having a huge impact on delays at UK docks. Lengthy new customs and health checks in both the UK and Europe have led to meat and fish consignments being destroyed before reaching the continent as it’s not longer fresh. It is imperative that…

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Martin Heathcote interview, Not 2020

Fresh Produce Journal – Closing The Loop

VeriGreen Director Martin Heathcote was interviewed by Fresh Produce Journal earlier this month on how British companies can achieve zero-to-landfill targets. The interview, conducted by Fred Searle of Fresh Produce Journal as part of their Sustainability Special, focused on how VeriGreen can help fruit and vegetable growers minimise their environmental impact and reap the benefits…

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National Fruit Grower

VeriGreen recently undertook product disposal for a national fruit grower. The customer was unhappy with the current provider due to the poor service and turnaround times, the 8t RoRo containers they provided were small meaning high transport costs, and the containers supplied were leaking over the yard. VeriGreen’s solution to their problems were: 1-day collection…

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soil health

Kiss The Ground – Netflix Documentary

It’s refreshing to see a climate change documentary that actually provides solutions to the global challenges we face today. Backed by leading scientists as well as celebrities such as Tom Brady and Gisele, this ground-breaking new documentary explores how we can reverse the effects of global warming by bringing carbon from the atmosphere back to…

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Cheese Disposal

VeriGreen recently undertook waste disposal for a high end cheese purveyor. The customer needed a fully compliant collector of dairy waste. Their current disposal company was unable to offer full documentation of product destruction and disposal which could have resulted in the high value cheeses being sold on the black market, de-valuing their high end…

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Waste Solutions

Our mascot Cricket sniffs out all the great solutions! At Verigreen we are fortunate enough to have partners in our group to make sure we control the whole closed loop cycle, from collection to creating green energy. Also the waste from the Anaerobic Digestion process creates a product which can be applied to land as…

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Spoiled Avocados

VeriGreen was happy to help a Kent based partner to remove spoiled avocados to a local Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant for green energy production. This avoided high landfill costs and offered a fully closed loop recovery solution. We work with our sister company FGS Organics to apply the resultant Biofertiliser onto local agricultural land as…

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How can we aid you with the removal of your food and fruit waste produce?