VeriGreen can collect and recycle your organisation’s food waste in Newcastle and across Tyne and Wear. Our specialist fleet of food waste collection vehicles and our friendly team can collect your food waste cleanly, safely and efficiently. Whether you’re based in the city centre, Gateshead, Sunderland, South Shields or the surrounding area, we would be delighted to offer you food waste collection in Newcastle.


As a dedicated food waste management company, we can collect naked food waste (unpackaged), packaged and mixed food waste. Naked food waste is taken directly to our anaerobic digestion plant. Here, it is used to produce green energy which powers homes and businesses in the area. The bi-product of this process is a nutrient rich biofertiliser which is then applied to the land to aid the growth of new crops.


Mixed and packaged food waste is sorted first to separate and recycle any packaging. It is then processed at the same AD plant. We work hard to ensure that as little of this packaging as possible is sent to landfill, our target is always zero to landfill.


We collect food waste from a wide range of businesses, organisations and public sector premises. These include pubs and restaurants, care homes, hospitals, airports, farms, vineyards, food manufacturers, supermarkets, sports clubs and other company’s in the Newcastle area.


By recycling your food waste into green energy, you can hugely reduce your carbon footprint. You could also reduce your food waste collection costs with savings of up to 30% when compared to the cost of sending waste to landfill.


To find out more about our food waste collection and recycling services in Newcastle and Tyne & Wear, contact your local VeriGreen customer representative Steve Wilson. Steve will be happy to conduct a free waste management audit for you and advise on how we can assist you with your food waste collection needs. Get in touch via email or call and speak with us today: 01233 820055.